• Saturday 6/2
  • Sunday 6/3
  • SY1-Do No Harm: The Importance of Incidental Findings
    Saturday 1:00-3:00PM | SY1 | Room: Hall A - General Session Moderators: - Erin Simon Schwartz MD, FACR; - Jeffrey S. Ross MD
    SY1a-Costs of Incidental Findings: Mannerism in Radiology

    - David J. Seidenwurm MD, FACR

    SY1b-BRAIN: Incidental or Not: You Know It When You See It

    - Robert E. Watson Jr. MD, PhD

    SY1c-SPINE: Incidental or Not: Get Famous Calling Stuff Normal

    - Robert E. Morales MD

    SY1d-HEAD & NECK: Silence Can be Golden

    Suresh Mukherji

    SY2-Spine Imaging and Interventions: What You Should Know But May Not
    Saturday 3:30-5:00PM | SY2 | Room: Hall A - General Session Moderators: - Jeffrey G. Jarvik MD, MPH; - Robert M. Barr MD, FACR
    SY2a-Evidence for Non-surgical Treatment of Back Pain

    - Janna L. Friedly

    SY2b-Intrathecal Gad for Spine Imaging - Safety, Risks and Benefits

    - Bradley R. Buchbinder MD

    SY2c-Evidence for Spine DTI and How To Do It Well

    - Mahmud Mossa-Basha MD

    SY2d-Treating Headache (Wait, That's Not a Spine Topic): Targeted Blood Patching Technique and Evidence

    - Peter G. Kranz MD

    SY3-Emergency Neuroimaging: What? When? and Why? (SAM)
    Saturday 5:00-6:30PM | SY3 | Room: Hall A - General Session Moderators: - Robert M. Barr MD, FACR; - Amy L. Kotsenas MD
    SY3a-Use and Usefulness of Emergency Neuroimaging

    - Danny R. Hughes PhD

    SY3b-How Much Imaging is Critical to Stroke Care?

    - Howard A. Rowley MD

    SY3c-Head Trauma: Rules of Engagement

    - Christopher T. Whitlow MD, PhD, MHA

    SY3d-Syncope and Dizziness: When and How Much to Image?

    - Pamela W. Schaefer MD

    SAM Questions & Answers

  • SY4-Don't Underestimate the Value of Normal Imaging Exams: Turning Negative Exams into Positive Results
    Sunday 7:30-9:00AM | SY4 | Room: Hall A - General Session Moderators: - William D. Donovan MD, MPH, FACR; Rona F. Woldenberg MD
    SY4a-Cervical Spine Imaging in Mild Trauma: Is It All Just A Pain in the Neck?

    - Gordon K. Sze MD, FACR

    SY4b-How Much Imaging is Needed in the Work-up of Intracranial Hemorrhage?

    - Michael H. Lev MD, FACR, FAHA

    SY4c-Imaging in Headache: Why Do We Continue To Do It?

    - John E. Jordan MD

    SY4d-Neuroimaging and Other Biomarkers in the Workup of Dementia: The Value of Negative Tests

    - Jeffrey R. Petrella MD

    SY4.5-The Value of Gadolinium Contrast: Past, Present and Future This session is supported by an unrestricted grant from Bayer Healthcare.
    Sunday 9:00-10:00AM | SY4.5 | Room: Hall A - General Session Moderators: - Jennifer L. Becker MD; Linda A. Heier MD

    SY5-Head & Neck Imaging: Changing Patient Management and Treatment (SAM)
    Sunday 10:30-12:00PM | SY5 | Room: Hall A - General Session Moderators: - Yoshimi Anzai MD, MPH; - Laurie A. Loevner MD
    SY5a-Doctors' Doctor - Value Added Head & Neck Radiologists

    - Christine M. Glastonbury MBBS

    SY5b-String of Pearls Around the Neck: Key Imaging to Add More Value

    - Nancy J. Fischbein MD

    SY5c-Patients' Doctor-Patient Centered Head and Neck Imaging-It Takes a Village

    - Patricia A. Hudgins MD

    SY5d-Embrace the Power of Imaging - Where You Can Make A Difference

    - Richard H. Wiggins III MD

    SY5e-SAM Questions & Answers

    SY6-Pediatric Neuroimaging: Improving Quality and Safety (SAM)
    Sunday 1:15-3:15PM | SY6 | Room: Hall A - General Session Moderators: - Raymond K. Tu MD, FACR; - Tina Young Poussaint MD
    SY6a-Rapid Pediatric MRI: Finding the Just Right Protocol

    - Greg D. Avey MD

    SY6b-Radiation and Anesthesia: Dialing Down the Dose in Pediatrics

    - Dennis W. Shaw MD

    SY6c-Gadolinium Deposition Review: State of the Art

    - Donna R. Roberts MD

    SY6d-Impact of Health Care Reform on Pediatric Neuroradiology

    - Richard L. Robertson MD

    SY6e-Age of Precision Medicine in Pediatric Neuroradiology

    - Susan Palasis MD

    SY6f-SAM Questions & Answers

    SY7-Does Advanced Neuroimaging Really Improve Outcomes?
    Sunday 3:45-5:15PM | SY7 | Room: Hall A - General Session Moderators: - Timothy P. L. Roberts PhD; Christopher Filippi
    Looking Back How Advanced Imaging Has Improved Healthcare and Patient Outcomes

    - Max Wintermark MD

    Wait, Not Yet...Lessons Learned and New Discoveries Still In-Progress

    Pratik Mukherjee

    Challenges in Incorporating Innovations in Practice: Are We Moving Too Fast?

    - Alexander M. Norbash MD

    Panel Discussion

    - Timothy P. L. Roberts PhD

    SY8-Deciphering the Current Healthcare Landscape: Hear from the Experts
    Sunday 5:15-6:30PM | SY8 | Room: Hall A - General Session Moderators: - Jacqueline A. Bello MD, FACR; - Patrick A Turski MD, FACR
    SY8a-Healthcare Reform and ACA

    - Joshua A. Hirsch MD, FACR, FSIR, FSNIS

    SY8b-MACRA and RUC: All You Need to Know

    - Gregory N. Nicola MD

    SY8c-Panel Discussion

    - Robert M. Barr MD, FACR